Is there a Grammarly student discount?

Grammarly doesn’t officially offer a student discount, but you can still get a Grammarly discount on us. Grammarly doesn’t offer a student discount, but they have given us a special discount of 10% for their Premium packages. It’s just like having an actual student discount! Get Grammarly discount Grammarly also has an educational program tailored … Read more

Is Good Afternoon Capitalized?

“Good Afternoon” is nice way to greet someone after 12pm. Whether you use it an email or text message, a common question is whether “good afternoon” is capitalized. So, Is Good Afternoon Capitalized? Generally, “good afternoon” is lowercase when it is used in a sentence. If it is used a the beginning of a sentence, … Read more

Is Good Morning Capitalized?

Saying “Good Morning” to people everyday is a great way to sound friendly and caring. When you have to write the phrase down in an emai or letter, you may wonder whether the phrase is capitalized. We’re here to help you. Is Good Morning Capitalized? Generally, the phrase “good morning” is not capitalized when used … Read more